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Meth Addiction Treatment: Why it is Necessary
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Meth, methamphetamine, and crystal meth are all the same amphetamine derivative. It is a highly addictive drug that is rapidly gaining in popularity for its euphoric and energizing effects. Unfortunately, it also rapidly destroys your life. There are many reasons why meth addiction treatment is imperative when you fall prey to this dangerous addiction.

Meth Ruins your Appearance

Not only does meth cause wasting, a condition which is characterized by rapid weight loss and a skeletal appearance, it also causes a condition nicknamed meth mouth. Meth mouth is a form of severe tooth decay that happens within 10 days of starting meth.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 98 percent of meth users tested had cavities and only 23 percent of those were able to keep all their natural teeth after treatment. This is a hallmark of meth use.

Meth also causes pitting of the skin or sores from picking at the skin all over the body. An average meth user winds up looking like a skeleton with rotting teeth and sores on all visible skin. This alone is reason enough to seek treatment before these physical symptoms start to appear.

Meth Causes Massive Damage to Internal Organs

Meth causes damage to almost all of your internal body systems. Many times this damage is permanent and can impair you for the rest of your life.

According to the Brookhaven National Laboratory, meth causes inflammation of the brain, which in turn causes motor dysfunction and cognitive impairment. This brain damage can affect almost every aspect of your life.

It also causes:

  • Kidney damage to the point of kidney failure
  • Liver damage to the point of liver failure
  • Respiratory illness such as chronic bronchitis
  • Weakened immune system allowing secondary infections to take hold

This damage often persists if not treated.

Why Early Treatment is Absolutely Necessary

The only way to stop this damage from becoming permanent is through treatment. Meth is one of the harshest drugs you can have an addiction to, finding meth addiction treatment is the only way to stop it.


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